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Friday 10 October 2014

What Is The Significance Of The Red (Blood) Moon ?

It was a spectacular sight to behold. Wednesday 8th October 2014, was the date. The American (and part of Asia) skyline was the place. It was a sunset that won't be forgotten in a hurry as evening watchers in America, Australia and parts of Asia were held spellbound as they watched the moon turn red before their very eyes!

People panicked. Some were frightened. What is the meaning of all this, they wondered. In the search for answers, they switched on their televisions sets where the news was already buzzing all over the TV and satellite stations. It was a BLOOD MOON.

What is a Blood Moon?

The phrase 'Blood Moon was coined and made popular by Christian Pastor and Author John Hagee, after the launch of his latest book 'The Four Blood Moons' in 2013.

A blood moon occurs when there is a total lunar eclipse, where the earth comes in-between the moon and the sun, thereby blocking the rays of the sun from reaching the moon. For this to happen, the sun, the earth and the moon must be aligned in a straight line. When this alignment occurs, the earth casts a shadow on the moon giving it a reddish-brown colour.

This particular lunar eclipse is the second in a tetrad or series of four lunar eclipses. The first one took place in April 2014 and the remaining two are expected in April and September of next year.

Pastor Hagee, however, argues in his book that the blood moon isn't just an astronomer's delight or a spectacle to behold in the cosmos, but that it is a SIGN; a sign of very important events that are about to happen. Quoting from the book of Joel chapter 2, Pastor Hagee declared that the blood moon is part of a series of signs that will appear in the sky just before the return of Jesus Christ on the earth.

Joel 2: 30- 31 says :
" 30 And I will show wonders (signs) in the heavens and in the earth : Blood and fire and pillars of smoke 31The sun shall be turned into darkness. And the moon into BLOOD.

Before the coming of the great and awesome day of the Lord. (emphasis mine)

 He warns Christians and non-Christians alike to be watchful that the great and terrible, day of the LORD;  the much talk about and much anticipated second coming of the Jesus Christ, is very very imminent.

How do you see these events what is your point of view? Do you agree with Pastor Hagee's viewpoint? Let's hear from you.......

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