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under running water for at least twenty seconds;
observing social distancing protocols;
wearing face masks in public places.
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Tuesday 13 January 2015

A Little Compromise by Kemi Oloidi Adeyemi

Welcome to 2015; an exciting year pregnant with opportunities. May you have a thousand times return on all you set your heart and hands to do this year.

My apologies for my french leave of almost two months; my dad transited from this terrestrial plane to the heavenlies. I had to do the needful and give him a befitting burial. All that is behind me now and am back fully. Would be sharing some of my experiences during the burial season as the year unfolds.

I however bring you something hot and fresh from a friend's blog. As a wise man once said "the LONGEST distance between two points is the SHORTCUT. " As 2015 unfolds, don't bend the rules, don't be afraid to stand out, Don't Compromise.
A Little Compromise by Kemi Oloidi Adeyemi

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