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Monday 14 January 2019

Is Fasting Beneficial?

Its fourteen days into the year and if you are a Christian like me, your Church has probably declared some days of fasting and prayers!

Fasting what??? Oh, how some of us dread that word and come up with all sorts of excuses to avoid it!

A Picture depicting an attitude of fasting where eating utensils under lock and key
No eating

 Then there are all the terminologies associated with fasting like :

  • Dry fasting, 
  • Wet fasting, 
  • 6am to 6pm fast, 
  • fruit fast 
  • Ramadan fast
  • And even a hunger strike (fasting without praying) etc.

A picture depicting someone saying NO to taking food
Fasting: Saying NO to eating

What's your view? Is fasting beneficial? If Yes, what are some of the benefits? What are effective ways of fasting to achieve desired results?


  1. Fasting is both beneficial spiritually and health wise to the body

  2. Fasting is beneficial to everyone but not everyone has the grace.


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