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Tuesday 29 January 2019


Daily Nigerians troop out of the country in droves in search of greener pastures in foreign lands. There is hardly any country on the planet where you would not find a community of Nigerians! Interestingly, as Nigerians are trooping out, so are foreign investors trooping into the country because they see Nigeria as virgin land for business. What are these foreign investors seeing in our country that we are not seeing? Why have our youths lost hope in a country where foreigners see immense potentials? Hmmm, Selah!

In an effort to curb the rising unemployment and underemployment rate in Nigeria especially among Nigeria's teeming youthful population as well as contributing my own quota to national development, I hereby introduce a new segment on my blog which I call Business Opportunity of the Month.

The Business Opportunity of the month seeks to highlight new and emerging opportunities that Nigerians can take advantage of, to grow their personal economies. The intent is to create additional streams of income that increases cash flow in the short term. 

Depending on the individual circumstances and skill set, it may then be considered on a full or permanent basis. I also would like to emphasize that this is not an endorsement of any opportunity highlighted and does not in any way invalidate the necessary due diligence required to venture into a new business endeavour. 


Nigeria News Update
NNU is fast becoming the online platform of choice for the dissemination of News, Information and Entertainment, especially amongst the Nigerian youths. 

NNU prides itself as being Nigeria's #1 most trusted news website that pays readers with affiliate commissions and activities bonus. 

Image depicting the logo of the NNU website
NNU.ng logo

Founded in July 2017 by Nigerian entrepreneur and blogger, Paul SamsonPaul is on a mission to ameliorate the financial challenges experienced by students, youths, men and women, young or old by creating channels to earn monthly residual income.

His nnu.ng website is ranked as the eighth (8th) most popular site in Nigeria and nine hundred and fifty-second (952) in the world by Alexa, a leading authority in global website rankings.


Modus Operandi

The business strategy is quite straight forward - "help drive traffic to our site by daily logging in to read the latest news, gist, information and entertainment; like comment and share same with your social media circle, and we pay you from our ads and affiliate revenues" - very much like the paid-to-read-mails business model.
And with over 700,000 registered members making over seven million page views daily, that strategy seems to be working very well.

As with every business venture, the motivating factor is Profit or Returns On Investment. NNU offers a monthly residual income of between N5,000 -N50,000 depending on how seriously the intending member takes it. 
It publishes its monthly payouts to its members as well as its top ten earners of all time.

None of the testimonials either for or against NNU has been independently verified.


I have attempted to present the NNU opportunity as objectively as I possibly could. I therefore strongly encourage anyone interested in NNU  to make their own independent findings to determine its suitability or not.

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  1. I have about #60,000 but I can't withdraw it. Until I get referrals each


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