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Thursday, 21 February 2019


Of all of God Almighty's creations, Man is His most prized possession. Whilst speaking creations like the trees, fish, animals into existence, He used His Almighty eternal potter's hands to form and mould Man - a Masterful piece of art. He thereafter expressed His delight and satisfaction in Man He created by saying that Man is "Very Good".
Any wonder a famous and influential king named David once expressed that "I am fearfully & wonderfully made and this MY SOUL KNOWS VERY WELL.

The value of any work of art is determined by the name and reputation of its designers or manufacturers. For example, people are willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a timeless piece of art like the painting of the Mona Lisa. This is because of the value placed based on the renowned Leonardo Da Vinci who painted it.

Portrait of Mona Lisa
Credits Wikipedia 

Similarly, the value of a car manufactured by Kia or Honda cannot be compared to the value of say a Mercedes Benz or a Ferrari.

What is a Masterpiece? 
Wikipedia defines a masterpiece as "a work of outstanding artistry, skill or workmanship"


You only need to visit any organ-donating centre to appreciate the value of just one organ in the human body; say a kidney for example! Thousands of people with defective kidneys are on the queue waiting for a donor match or to have a transplant! They are willing to pay very large sums to have their defective kidneys, as well as any other defective organ, replaced. 

Yet the Almighty endowed every human being with about seventy-nine (79) different organs, some of which occur in pairs like the eyes, ears, kidneys, lungs etc.

In light of these, exactly how much can you place as the value of a human being ?! What price tag can be agreed on as the monetary value of this creative workmanship of the Almighty?

Sadly, we who are these Masterpieces; these magnificent works of art, so expertly woven and crafted together, do not value our worth. We don't appreciate our uniqueness. We long for everything that we don't have forgetting the abundance of things that we do have - our creative minds, abilities and talents, our ability to dream and imagine, our unique skill sets, supportive families and friends etc.

We rather focus on externalities and therefore say things like "I wish I'm a bit 'taller', 'fatter', 'prettier', 'more handsome' ". "Oh if only I was fairer in complexion" or "if I had a flat tummy like ...we lament. We are constantly complaining, comparing ourselves with someone; wishing to be everybody else but who we truly are. 

The first step to having positive self-esteem is by accepting the person you see in the mirror - YOU 

Yes, YOU; accept who you are. You are a Masterpiece; fearfully and wonderfully made. You are of a kingly lineage, born to rule and reign! Born to exercise dominion. It doesn't matter if you are tall or short; fat or slim; dark-skinned or light-skinned. It doesn't matter if presently you have money in your pocket or bank account or not, You are VALUABLE and you have something to offer your world. 

There is no other exact version of YOU on the planet right now. You are distinctly UNIQUE. No other person with your unique fingerprints, no other person with your distinct cornea and eyes; no other person with your exact talents and skill set. Hence no other person can see, feel and act exactly as you do.

Even though this may not be the best version of YOU, you can work at improving yourself. You definitely can add value to and improve yourself. Strive to be the best man, woman, boy, girl, father, mother, employer, employee that you can be because you are a Masterpiece.

Finally in the words of Mike Murdock - "YOU WERE BORN AN ORIGINAL, DON'T DIE AS A (CHEAP) IMITATION "

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