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Thursday 14 March 2019

How To Get Paid on NNU

I have been inundated with questions, complaints as well as inquiries about the subject of my business opportunity post of last month - NNU (Nigeria News Update ). I suggest you read that post first before continuing with this article. Click here to read about it.

Most people had challenges with how to receive their payments from NNU with some getting angry and frustrated.

The feedback, however, underscores the popularity of the NNU opportunity amongst Nigerians particularly the younger generation. It also affirms the can-do, never-say-never attitude of my compatriots.

It's my firm belief that with proper guidance and orientation, most people will reap the immense benefits that NNU has to offer. Hence my decision to write this post on HOW TO GET PAID ON NNU

So here it goes...

1) The very first step is to register and be a member of NNU. With a one-time registration of N1600, you can become a member of NNU. Click to register here 

2) After registration, ensure that you log in daily to get the latest news, information and entertainment. Also, ensure to share the SPONSORED POST on your dashboard on your Facebook page.

To ensure that you earn from the daily Sponsored Posts, kindly do the following:

i) ensure your Facebook share settings is set on PUBLIC

ii) After clicking on Sponsored Post on your dashboard, scroll down the page till where you see Click Here To Earn; click on it, a new window should open containing ads, click on Skip ads to get to the actual sponsored post.  Then click on SHARE

All these are based on the assumption that you had previously linked your Facebook page to your NNU profile during registration. 

If you didn't do that whilst registering, please do so NOW as its extremely important. Your Facebook profile WILL be verified BEFORE any payment is made.

iii)  After clicking on SHARE, Kindly go to your Facebook page to ensure that the Sponsored post is actually there.

3) Ensure that at least two of your referrals SIGN UP for NNU every month. This is one of the unspoken requirements to get paid on NNU.  Kindly note that you need TWO FRESH referrals every month if you want to get paid that month. 

4) Finally, ensure that you accumulate a minimum of 3000 NARS points to qualify for monthly payment.

If you log in every day,  read posts and comment daily, you would have more than 3000 NARS points at the end of the month.
(NARS is an acronym for NNU Ads Revenue Sharing)

5) Once you complete steps 1-4 every month, the following message should appear on your dashboard prompting you to request for a withdrawal.

Kindly note that you should withdraw first from your NARS revenue to your wallet before withdrawing from your activity earnings

Also, note that the minimum payout in NNU  is Five Thousand Naira (N5000).

In conclusion, if after going through all the above steps and you are still having difficulties with receiving payments then I suggest that you send a mail to NNU Support Team via support@nnu.ng.

Fantastic News

In keeping up with its vision to empower people financially and effective March 2019, NNU has increased its payment structure by almost 500%.

Please see the table  below:

Action                     Previous Rate     New Rate

Daily log in                   N50                       N100

Post-Reading                N2                         N5

Relevant Comments     N2                         N10

Sharing Sponsored       N100                     N500


Now you understand why I took the time to explain how to properly share your Sponsored Post. Learn more about the increase here.

Earning Potential 

Let's assume that out of thirty calendar days, you could only log in, read, share and comment on twenty days. Let further assume that  you read and commented on ten posts per day on  those twenty days, your potential earning would be

Daily log in                   :            N100 × 20 days =   N2000

Daily Sponsored Posts  :            N500 × 20days = N10,000

Daily reading and commenting N15 × 10 posts × 20 days = N3000

Referral earnings from two referrals N2000

Potential extra income monthly N(2000 + 10000+ 3000 + 2000) = N17000! You can earn this amount potentially by putting in less than an hour of work every day.
Imagine how much you could earn if you could invest more hours daily or even do more than twenty days a month.

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