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Wednesday 19 June 2019

Eliminate Bad Breath & Body Odour Now

Some of the ills beleaguering society today especially the younger generation are the twin menace of bad breath and body odour. 

I mean, you are at a corporate social function, and you sight this charming young lady, elegantly dressed. Your eyes meet and she smiles at you. You confidently walk up to her to say 'hello'. As she reciprocates your greeting, the whirlwind that emanates from her breath literally knocks you off your feet! 

This scenario reminds me of a TV commercial that was aired during my childhood days. The commercial which was advertising a brand of toothpaste showed a couple who after having a romantic date wanted to get intimate. The lady however was turned off by the bad breath oozing from her lover's mouth and hence refused to be intimate with him. How many relationships and would-be relationships have been thus destroyed?  

A woman being turned off by the odour and bad breath oozing from her man
A woman turned off the
bad breath of her man 

Bad breath and Body Odour are all products of poor personal hygiene in an individual. They are no respecter of persons as anybody, male or female, young or old can have them.

What is Bad breath? 
Bad breath is that foul, unpleasant odour that emanates from the mouth when someone speaks. Often associated with poor oral hygiene, it is usually caused by the action of bacteria on decaying food particles and tobacco left in the mouth. The action of bacteria on these substances produces a sulphur-smelling compound which is responsible for the foul odour. 

Although bad breath could be quite embarrassing, the key to preventing and caring for bad breath is maintaining healthy oral hygiene. In addition to brushing your teeth, it is instructive to brush your tongue also to remove tongue plaque, which is the largest cause of bad breath. Tongue plaque is the build-up of food residues in between the ridges and folds of the tongue. 

However persistent bad breath despite excellent oral hygiene may be indicative of a deeper underlying ailment. It may be your body’s way of telling you that all is not well and that you may need to seek medical advice. 

Body Odour
 Body Odour, on the other hand, is the unpleasant smell associated with the action of bacteria on accumulated human sweat. It is instructive to note that every human being has a distinct odour peculiar to him or her. This unique odour is a function of the individual genetic and physiological makeup. This odour is however greatly amplified by the action of bacteria on human sweat glands due to poor hygiene. 

Sweat itself doesn't have an odour. However, when you sweat, bacteria break down certain proteins in the sweat into acids. So, just as with bad breath, nauseating body odour is the by-product of the action of bacteria breaking down the components of sweat. 

As bacteria thrive in moist environments like the armpits and groin area which incidentally are areas where sweat accumulates, it goes without saying that in the absence of proper hygiene, these sweaty areas of the body are the most prone to body odour. 

Other factors which may amplify body odour include hyperactive sweat glands (which causes over sweating), obesity (the folds of skin in an obese person traps sweat and lead to body odour), genetic make-up, stress and certain spicy foods like ginger and garlic. 

Most people are deaf to their own odours but can perceive the odours of others. As a rule of thumb, if your worn clothes, particularly underwears smell around the sweaty areas, then you most likely have a pervasive body odour. 

Simple tips to eliminate bad breath 

1) Brush your teeth ideally after every meal to remove leftover food particles. If the ideal is not practicable, brush at least twice a day especially before going to bed at night.
 2) After brushing your teeth, ensure to brush your tongue particularly the back of the tongue where tongue plaque tends to build up. Click here to purchase a tongue scraper.
3) Use a good mouth rinse after brushing to keep bacteria out and keep your mouth smelling fresh. Click here to purchase a good mouth rinse.
4) Change your toothbrush regularly. Dental practitioners recommend changing them every three months. 
5) Use dental floss. Flossing will remove food debris from in between the teeth that a toothbrush can't reach. If the food debris is not removed, the bacteria will begin to feed on it, causing bad breath. Check out some dental loss here.
 6) Avoid skipping meals especially breakfast. Saliva is the natural, God-given mouthwash to rid the mouth of bacteria. Skipping meals reduces the production of saliva needed to flush away the bacteria that result in bad breath. 
7) Eat more of crispy juicy fruits and vegetables like carrots and apples in between meals. This steps up the production of saliva which keeps bacteria from the mouth.

 Simple tips to eliminate body odour
1) Ensure to take a shower at least twice a day paying attention to sweat prone areas like the armpit, groin and feet. Preferably use antiseptic soaps if you have a body odour problem. After taking a shower, ensure that your body is completely dried. 
2) Regularly shave off hair under the arms and around the pubic areas to avoid sweat being trapped in them leading to body odour. 
3) Regularly change your underwear. Wear clean and fresh ones daily. Avoid tight-fitting underwear that does not allow air to circulate. Cotton-based underwear is preferable. 
4) Invest in deodorants and perfumes. Find the one that is just right for you. Deodorants make your underarms a less hospitable home for bacteria. They also help mask body odour with fragrance. 
5) Antiperspirants, on the other hand, block the sweat glands to reduce perspiration. If you don't sweat much but have body odour, deodorants are the way to go. If however, you sweat a lot, antiperspirants would work better for you. Check out some antiperspirants here

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