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Monday 25 November 2019

ZeeWorld Series Vs English Premier League - Who Wins The Battle of the Living Room!

An older friend was lamenting the other day about a new source of contention in his household. This contention, which has literally turned into a daily battle, has split his household along gender lines - the women in his household, his male children and himself. And he is currently at his wit's end.

As a rule, he and his wife had decided not to publicly disagree on issues as well as to adopt a give-and-take-attitude to resolve contentious issues when they arise in their home. This issue, however, was testing that resolve as it was not only happening daily but it was beginning to task his patience and endurance as a loving father and husband. Interestingly, the women of his household - his wife and his mother (what a combo!) seemed to be winning.

What could be so nerve-racking that would make an older man come to confide in me, I wondered silently, as I listened empathetically to him?

It's the battle for who controls the remote control of the television in the living room! Whoever wins this daily battle determines and controls what the other people in the living room watch on television! 

A person changing the TV station using a black remote control
A remote control

As a man, he was interested in listening to the news and watching football. The women, on the other hand, were more interested in watching melodramatic soap operas especially the ones now airing on Zee World! The primetime belt of programming starts around 8pm all the way till midnight EVERY DAY

Programs showing on the Zee World Series - Mehek, The Heir, Fire & Ice
Zee World Series Programs 2019

The battleline was therefore drawn every night by 8pm and since the women in his house were usually home before he arrives from work, they would have taken their positions before the television with the remote control firmly in their hands! On hearing this, I roared into uncontrollable laughter whilst nodding my head in agreement. I really couldn't agree more!

Before this time, the men were firmly in control of the happenings in their living room as they watched their favourite football teams slug it out in the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga and even the European Champions League.

Mouth-watering fixtures between the outstandings teams like Manchester City FC, Liverpool FC, Chelsea FC, Manchester United FC, Barcelona FC, Real Madrid FC, Bayern Munich FC, Borussia Dortmund FC, Arsenal FC, all of whom have cult followings in Nigeria attracted mammoth crowds who thronged around televisions at home or at viewing centres to watch the games. 

These usually left the women - their wives-  in limbo, often complaining that they did not understand the fun associated with twenty-two grown-up men chasing a football! They dared not say that they wanted to watch any other thing when their hubby's favourite team was playing a football match.

The men couldn't care less though. If their wives made too much of a fuss at home, they would go and hang out with their friends at viewing centres scattered around the city.

The smart wives amongst them quickly aligned with their husbands, developing an interest in and following their favourite teams and even started watching the games with him. The rebellious ones would eat dinner alone and have no one to talk to till whenever their husbands decided to come home from the viewing centre.

The tide however changed with the introduction of romantic and melodramatic soap operas from the stables of Telemundo and now Zee world all on the satellite TV networks.

With strategic, primetime back-to-back programming especially on Zee world, the women finally had their pound of flesh. From soaps like The Heir which airs from 8pm Nigerian time to Mehek to King of Hearts to the newest entrant Lady Luck, the women finally had some form of companionship as well as something to talk about. 

Mehek and Shaurya holding hands on the soap opera Mehek

They finally had something which not only captivated their attention but also could compete favourably with the men's dominance of news and football on television. 

The only obstacle left would be who would get to the remote control first and take charge of what would be shown in the living room. And the women appear to be winning!

Back to my original story. With his wife and his mother dominating affairs in the living room, the male children resorted to playing video games in their room. While the man, in an effort to maintain peace in his home, downloaded the app of one of the satellite TV networks onto his tablet from where he catches up on news and events around the world as well as his favourite football team.

What would you have done if you were in his shoes?

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  1. haq haq haq this post hits hard

    even though I am not a fan of zee world and or telemundo, I so much love how men have lost their spot in the family and relegated to the background. Women have really taken over back to back. It's now our world. Yaaaayyy

    1. Thank you for your incisive comment.

      I would have loved to know your name but the tone of your message belies the fact that you are feminine.

      Please could you help elucidate the spot or place of men (and probably women as well) in the family?

  2. Haaaaa,Haaaaa,the women,girl,ladies,even girls of 5year has taken over Zeeworld,in schools you would find children taking and auguring over Zeeworld,and for the males they don't have a say,instead they love to watch with friends in video house,so they can make noise.
    Well the female as taken over the living room

    1. Interesting reply. Thank you @Oyinkanmi1818. Well that appears to be a man who has conceded defeat to the women..

      Please keep the comments coming...

  3. Haha.... This table solely has my mum on it... She's been an ardent Zee world fan and I'm gradually initiated by force too. The living room coup has the females on it and winning. He did the right though, thanks to digital gadgets. 😁

  4. The truth is that women own and determines what goes on in the house (Zeeworld now made them the new 007 in homes). The advent of technology has made the winner of the television war nonnegotiable.

    If I was the one, I would do exactly what he did, download my DSTV now app so I can follow my matches on the go (though might cost more cos of data subscription and what not, but it is a good price to pay to avoid world war III in my home)

    1. Here is a Man of Peace speaking. Thank you for the wise counsel Blazingkings!

  5. [1/4, 5:03 PM] Obinna Michael: Good evening sir...my own suggestion as the man I think I will just download DStv on my tablets where I can have access to watch live matches
    Probably get another tv in my room and also in the kids room (for their games)and another decoder for my self


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