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Friday, 14 February 2020

How I Proposed To My Wife on Valentine's Day and Tips on How You Can Do So Too

It's a very common question at many Singles' fora and marriage seminars - HOW DO I PROPOSE TO THE LADY I WOULD LIKE TO MARRY? It is second only to this other question - HOW DO I KNOW GOD'S WILL FOR ME IN MARRIAGE?

And not a few people have gone the erroneous way by spinning stories like the ones below

I was sleeping. And in my dream, I saw both of us walking down the aisle of the Church. You were wearing a beautiful wedding gown. When we got to the altar, the presiding Priest joined us in marriage and you became my wife.


In my dream, I fell into a very dark, deep well. I was screaming for help but no one came to my aid. Suddenly your beautiful face appeared at the top of the well. You threw down a rope and helped me out of the well by pulling me up. That's how I got to know that you are my wife.


God said I should tell you that you are my wife

Ladies, have you heard such stories before? What was your response and/or reaction?
I vividly remember that it was on Valentine's day several years ago that I took the bold step and made the move to propose to the beautiful lady who is now my wife.

How I proposed to my wife on Valentine's Day
The Valentine's Day Proposal

We both worshipped at the same local Church and served on the same team. We were very good friends.

It all happened on a cool Sunday evening. It was Valentine's day and several events were scheduled as it was a weekend. I picked one of the events - an evening ball replete with food, comedy and laughs - as my location. Did I hear you say -' why a public place for such a private  occasion?' Well, read on. I obtained the entry tickets and scheduled a date with my delectable lady. 

Before the date and buoyed by counsel from senior friends, I headed to the market to buy a Valentine pack which contained a red rose flower, a teddy bear (I don't know why ladies love teddies?!), some lingerie, some chocolates and of course an engagement ring! What is a wedding proposal without an engagement ring?

With the gifts in my kitty, the next task was to recite and memorise the actual words I wanted to say during the proposal. Oh yes, guys! I rehearsed and rehearsed to my self in the mirror!!! After all, practice makes perfect. I was nervous but excited. It was going to be a very big day for me!

The Event
The d-day came. We met at church where I reminded her of our date. She nodded in agreement. I was to pick her up by 3 pm as the event was at 5 pm.

After Church service, I went home. I got a haircut, took a shower and carefully selected the clothes I was going to wear. As it was an evening event, I chose a  shining black shirt over black pants with a red bow tie to complement.

By 2:30 pm, I was on my way to pick my lady at her place. She was looking very pretty in her velvet black gown with embroidered red flowers.

We had fun at the event - the ambience was enticing, the music serenading and the food was delicious. After eating, I decided that it was time to make my move.

I escorted her out of the cacophony of noise in the auditorium. My intent was to take her into a very lovely but quiet garden we both frequented which was just opposite the venue of the event we went for. To my chagrin, we couldn't access the garden so we opted to stay in the car.

The Proposal
It was in my car on that cool Valentine Sunday evening that I proposed to my wife. I presented the red rose to her and looking into her eyes said the following words

We have been very good friends and have been there for each other as friends. I have grown to like you, nay love you very much and would love to take our relationship to another level. I want to spend the rest of my days with you.

Then on bended knees like a Knight pledging eternal love and loyalty, I presented the ring and popped the million-dollar question;

Would you want to spend the rest of your days with me? Would you be mine forever? Would you marry me?

Her Response
My wife's reaction after the series of events has been permanently etched on my mind. It brings a smile to my face each time I remember it and I often tease her it to date. Hear her:

She was speechless! She had to put the engagement ring on her ring finger. She got out of the car without saying a word and started skipping and dancing on the well-mowed lawn. I was bemused. She then ran back into the auditorium where the valentine event was still holding and started announcing to as many of our friends who were present that she had just gotten engaged!

That was ten years ago! Ten Valentines to this day. We got married some months after and are still happily married.

Tips on how to propose to your dream lady

1) Be real and authentic. Don't excessively try to be someone else. Women can smell fakeness a mile away.

2) Exude confidence. That is not the day to be stuttering and stammering. If you need to rehearse a speech like I did, please do so.

3) Make the event memorable. Make your woman feel special and on top of the world. If you can afford to be lavish please do.

4) Dress smart and look very presentable. Be very courteous and polite.

Happy Valentine's Day folks! You may want to read my previous post on Valentine's Day here.

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  1. Wow! Very romantic! I always advice private proposals. Many guys have had their egos bruised. They were so sure the answer will be "yes" and went ahead to propose in a public place only to be rebuffed. I am not particular on the how. Not much of what is done on the proposal date will influence the outcome. The lady must have made up her mind long before the proposal if this is the guy she wants to spend her life with. Nice story.

    1. I think the personalities of the individuals involved also play a role on where and how the proposal is made.

      I have heard of men who have gone to extremes of flying an airplane that wrote "Would you marry me (name of fiance)?" in the sky! I know of one other man who made a large banner would the same inscription on Eko bridge, Lagos Nigeria because his fiance worked in one of the high rise on the Marina.

      While some ladies would freak out at such audacious display, some other ladies simply love it!

  2. As much as possible,I think been real and your sincerely helps in the whole venturr.

    1. I couldn't agree more. Thank you very much for commenting

  3. wow...very interesting read. a woman will definitely love such a proposal...

  4. wow, nice one, makes me want to marry now now .... D'frenzy here.

  5. When love happens. . .But what happens to folks who aren't giggly with the idea of valentine's day? 😃😃😁

    1. It takes two to tango Thelma. Like I mentioned in my previous post of Valentine's Day, some people esteem some days special, other see all days alike, but each person should be CONVINCED of what they believe in.

      That said, nothing stops you from initiating the move if you are the Valentine romantic!

  6. Wow, I love this!

    Sometimes, I wonder how long should the both parties be friends before the male takes the giant step of proposing!

    1. I would say that proposals be made when the man (or woman as the case might be) is ready to settle down in marriage. After all, its a marriage proposal isn't it?

  7. Wow, beautifully painted picture I could imagine it perfectly.
    My best part is she was dancing and went back to the event to tell her friends, thats so amazing. The norm is to cry and I often wonder what the object of tears is.

    Thanks for sharing with us

    1. Thank you for taking the time to drop your lovely comment. Maybe the tears are tears of joy and excitement! The ladies are in a better position to respond to that.


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